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XrmToolbox for Dynamics CRM 2011/2013/2015

I have found this tool very interesting, within you can do multiple things instead of using multiple small apps to manage and interact with Microsoft CRM. Please follow the below link to download it. Information copied from the above link:

The tool itself does not embbed any business logic, it just displays all tools in a list, manages connections to CRM organizations and provide the possibility to open these tool in a single interface. It comes with a public interface that allows any developer to write its own tool as a library. The tool reads all assemblies in its folder location that implements the public interface.

As this tool is useless without plugins, it is shipped with more than ten tools to help you configure and customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013 (see the list below).

To learn how to develop your own tool, read the documentation

You can support my work by making a donation (Read more).

Screenshot of the XrmToolBox main page

what are the plugins included in the tool?

Solution Transfer Tool

Access Checker

Attribute Bulk Updater

Audit Center

FetchXml Tester


Metadata Doc Generator

Privileges Discovery

Role Updater

Script Finder

SiteMap Editor

Solution Import

Easy Translator

View Layout Replicator

Web Resources Manager

Sync Filter Manager

Form Parameter Manager

Form Libraries Manager

Assembly Recovery Tool

View Transfer Tool

Synchronous events execution order editor

Import/Export NN relationships

Solution Components Mover

User Roles Manager

Bulk Form Attribute Mgr

Metadata Browser

User Settings Utility

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