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Work offline with CRM for tablets

Work offline with CRM for tablets

When you’re on the go and can’t connect your tablet to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server, you can still access cached data (data you’ve recently accessed) with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and the most recent CRM for tablets apps, you can also create new records like accounts, contacts, and activities as drafts. Once you reconnect, you need to review and save your drafts into the CRM system. Charts aren’t available offline, and some images might also be unavailable. To remind you that you’re working offline, CRM displays an offline indicator on the left side of the screen.



Cached data is not encrypted. You can use BitLocker to encrypt the entire hard drive on a Windows 8 device.

If you create any records while you are disconnected, CRM for tablets saves them as drafts. If you have any drafts when you reconnect after working offline, CRM for tablets prompts you with a message telling you that you have unsaved drafts. You’ll need to review and save your drafts to make them available to CRM. Any drafts that you do not manually save will only be available on your tablet.

Reconnect to the CRM server

  1. When the connection to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server is available, tap the offline indicator on the left side of the screen and then tap the Reconnect link.

Create records while offline

  1. On a dashboard, tap the Add button + at the top of the list for the type of record you want to create. OR

  2. On the Home screen, swipe up to open the command bar (on Android and iPad tablets, tap the More button on the bottom right of the screen).

  3. Tap New Record.

  4. Choose the type of record you want to create.

Review and save drafts

  1. Tap the Menu button on the top left corner of the screen to open the nav bar.

  2. Tap Drafts.

  3. On the Draft Records screen, select each record individually, review the record and make any necessary changes, and tap Save.



Keep the following limitations in mind when creating draft records while you’re offline:

  1. While offline, you can only create new records. To edit existing records, you need to be connected. You can edit records that you created while you were offline, however.

  2. You can only create records offline with the Quick Create form, not the full form, so you can only enter information into fields that are available with the Quick Create form.

  3. While disconnected, you can only create standalone records or associate records to those that are cached on your tablet for offline access. For example, you can create an opportunity for an account only if that account was created before you went offline and if it’s cached for offline access. You can’t create an account while offline and then create an opportunity for that account.

  4. When you’re offline, you can’t set the value for lookup fields. If you create a record that is associated with another record, such as adding a phone call to a contact, some lookup fields might populate automatically (in this case, the To and From fields might pre-populate). You need to fill these fields in once you re-connect while you review and save your drafts.


When your current session expires, you need to sign back in to CRM. If this happens while you’re disconnected, and if you tap the Back button on the sign-in page, you’ll still be able to work in offline mode on iPad and Windows 8 tablets until you can reconnect. On Android tablets, however, you can no longer work in offline mode and will be redirected to the configuration page until you can reconnect and sign in again.

If you’re using your CRM for tablets app with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 (on-premises), you can continue to use CRM for tablets while disconnected. However, with the Windows 8 app, once you close CRM for tablets (like when you start another app), you will be unable to use CRM for tablets until you can connect to the Internet. With the Windows 8.1 app, you can continue to access your data even if you close the app.



Before installing the Windows 8.1 app, you need to make sure that your organization is ready for you to install it. If your organization isn’t ready, you can still use the Windows 8 app on a Windows 8.1 tablet. More information: Troubleshoot a CRM for Windows 8.1 app start-up error

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