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Microsoft Powerflow - Filter Json Array

Recently I had to filter a Json Array of objects in Powerflow.

Let’s say we have a list of accounts and we need to filter by city name. In My case I was getting the data trough Dataverse.

In order to achieve this on another array of Cities only, we can use the approach present in the below image.

Explaining the image we have the following:

  1. Value, in my case is the list of Cities that i have extracted from CRM from a custom entity.

  2. @equals(item()?['dm_city'], first(outputs('Get_Cities')?['body/value'])?['dm_cityname']) Where item()?[‘dm_city’] represents the field from the custom City entity The second part of the condition is ‘first(outputs(‘Get_Cities’)?[‘body/value’])?[‘dm_cityname’])’ where ‘dm_cityname’ represents the field from the dataverse query where the accounts were returned.

Any queries or doubts don’t hesitante in reaching me by email at

Hope it helps.

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