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Import CRM Dynamics 2015 Managed Solution – Exceeded Content Size

I was importing a CRM Managed Solution and the import failed with the following error:

"The assembly content size ‘8399872 bytes’ has exceeded the maximum value allowed for isolated plug-ins ‘8388608 bytes’."

I know you can argue that even for a dll can be to much and it was something Microsoft was trying to avoid, however sometimes can really happen. To overcome this issue, a key on the [DeploymentProperties] table can be updated to a bigger value.

With me the problem was the utilization of an external dll that i used for some testing, totally forgot to remove the reference.

But, if in anytime someone has to use a dll that has more than 8.192 of size, the default of CRM, the following sql query can override that value for a bigger value.

update [MSCRM_CONFIG].[dbo].[DeploymentProperties] SET [IntColumn] = 16384 WHERE [ColumnName] = ‘SandboxClientMaxAssemblySizeInKByte’

Hope it helps.

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