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CRM – Windows 8 desktop modern SOAP app – Sample

For the developers that want to go one step ahead and want to show some king of Windows 8 UI to the customers, you can find in MSDN some examples of code, below is a sample that i took from there.

This sample shows how to write a Windows 8 desktop modern application that can send requests to the organization web service without linking to the SDK assemblies. This sample uses the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) and the SOAP protocol. The sample also demonstrates obtaining the OAuth endpoint URL at run time. While there are seven tiles displayed on the main app page, only the Accounts and Tasks tiles are connected to event handler code. The other tiles are just placeholders. The example code is configured for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online server and a fictitious organization. See the OData version of this sample for an Internet-facing deployment (IFD) configuration. Code snippets showing just the key sections of the full sample are shown later in this topic.

For having access to the code please go to:


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