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CRM 365 – Unified Interface – do not see Run Workflows On Demand in forms or views

Ok, again one more time Microsoft strikes again with the new release, in this case Unified Interface.

I just enabled the Unified Interface in one of the CRM Organizations I am working in (Sandbox) and saw a couple of strange things happening. Being System Administrator and not being able to create new records or even updating records i am the owner (entity account), already sorted, please see my previous post.

So, at the moment i am just uploading the new versions of my Plugins/Workflows with the latest nuget pakages from Microsoft. What was my surprise when just added a process to Run On Demand, and couldn’t see the "Process – Run Process" on the form and grid.

What i did next, set to run on Create, created a record, and saw that was still working as expected. After some investigation, i have found that as an extra, we have to enable few things in the Platform Admin Center, and we need to be sure that we have as well the Microsoft Flow license is enabled.

What the hell??!!? The product is not supposed to work as before? At least functionality that was even not said by Microsoft that would be deprecated?

The steps to follow are below:

1. Check if Licence is enabled

Open and select the user Click vertical … (skinny burger menu?) and select Manage product licenses Expand Apps and make sure Flow for Dynamics 365 is selected

2. Enable Microsoft Flow

Enable setting to show Microsoft Flow on the forms and in the sitemap Open Power platform admin center ( Select Environments Click … (horizontal one, ugh), select Settings Select Behavior Make sure Show Microsoft Flow on forms and in the site map is selected

Hope it helps.

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