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CRM 2015 – UR 0.2 – Export to Excel

Just found today after installing UR 0.2 for CRM 2015 that when exporting data, i didn’t have anymore the check box for being able to import data again back to crm.

However, opening the excel file i have found that the columns were starting in ‘D’ instead of ‘A’, so it means that we no longer need to set any check box for that.

Another thing i really liked was, the excel file extension changed from .xls to .xlsx and in here i have to say that i was expecting this even since CRM 2013 or something. Now that is done, i would say, is always better later than never. 🙂

Good news as well, it is possible to import an XLSX file. Saying this because i have tested.

Thank you Microsoft.

For the list of additional features and characteristics of the new Export to Excel functionality please see go to the link.

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