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CRM 2015 – Report Wizard – Duplicating Datetime Columns

I was creating a report from the CRM 2015 Report Wizard and i just ran the Report where i saw that a date time column was appearing two times, one with the formatted value from my options, in the case English(Ireland) format (01/01/2016 03:00:00) and the next unformatted, something like 2016/01/01 03:00:00 AM.

After digging quite a bit i have discovered that the Body XML on the database had the column in there, and for me, no direct updates/deletes/creates in the database, so i tried to find the reason.

I have discovered from one of my search results that inside the folder (your drive)/Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics CRMSetupServiceabilityLatestActions_OrgInstall the file (dbupdate_37910.sql) could solve the problem. 

I have opened the file where i saw: 

— CRMSE 37910 – Wizard reports when exported to excel should not duplicate the unformatted columns.

Having in mind that probably those files that start with "dbupdate_" will solve few issues similar to this one.

For me, i will give more attention to that folder from now on.

Before running the sql against each organization i advise you to perform a BACKUP on the database, it is better to prevent any possible damages when executing this kind of operations.

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