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CRM 2015 Online 2015 Update 1 – Optimistic Concurrency

How many times were you been asked by a customer the following?

If 2 users open the same record, what will happen in terms of database.

The answer would be simple. Last update wins. It means, the data that will be saved by last will win.

Now, reading MSDN, i can see that probably with the Update 1 to the Online we will be able to control that.

If we create a Pre-Plugin for the Update Message on the entities we will need to detect if someone or something updated the same record,from the moment we opened until the moment we are updating. 

The fields we can use for that are:

  1. ConcurrencyVersionMismatch

  2. RowVersion

More information on this subject, please have a look on the MSDN page while i can’t do myself some tests to understand better how this works.

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