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CRM 2015 – Importing an .xlsx file Issue

Trying to import an exported excel file on CRM 2015 Onprem when i came across with an error i found really strange.

Googling i found few posts talking about this kind of issue, but it was related to option sets fields used in the file, and in this case it was not the problem.

I went to other environments and everything was working correctly, what for me was even more strange.

When things like this happen, i only know one way of checking what is happening (DiagTool), like the A-Team of CRM. If nothing can help you, Event Viewer, Error Messages, …, we should hire the A-Team (DiagTool).

I just enabled the trace, and i have found this:

" The value of ‘filetypecode’ on record of type ‘importfile’ is outside the valid range."

So, i googled few more hours, and nothing. So, in that case i went to the database, something i don’t do often, but i did.

After 1/2 hour found this in one Organization where the import was not working:

select * from AttributePicklistValue

where AttributePicklistValue.OptionSetId = ( SELECT        OptionSetId FROM            MetadataSchema.OptionSet WHERE        (Name LIKE ‘%importfile_filetypecode%’) ) select * from LocalizedLabel where objectid = ( SELECT        OptionSetId FROM            MetadataSchema.OptionSet WHERE        (Name LIKE ‘%importfile_filetypecode%’) )

The first query in that Organization was returning only 3 Rows, and for who doesn’t know, and i think i can say this: a row value in that table means the file types available for importing (0-csv, 1-xml, 2-zip and 3-xlsx), in my case i didn’t have the value 3 in that Organization.

Then, Eureka, i remembered, importing .xslx files only became available in CRM 2015 with UR 0.2, so, i preformed the uninstall of that UR, restarted the server, installed again and voila it started to work.

I don’t know what really happened before because i didn’t have any kind of warning or error when installing the UR 0.2 previously, but got it working.

Hope it helps.

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