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CRM 2015 – Customizations – Change CSS

Before staring to tell what was happening to me, i have to say I’m the first to say to avoid this kind of customizations, however and because of a need i had to do this.

I needed to add a border to the fields in a form even if they were not with the focus on them. So, the only way of doing that is applying some kind of CSS to them, i found some articles and i have chosen the below one.

function load_css_file(filename) { 

 var fileref = document.createElement("link"); 

 fileref.setAttribute("rel", "stylesheet"); 

 fileref.setAttribute("type", "text/css"); 

 fileref.setAttribute("href", filename); 



function customizeFormsCss() { //inject css file to the header load_css_file("WebResources/ttt_CRM.CSS.FormCustomization"); 


Now, it comes the funny part that made me waist a lot of time. A colleague just started to do the developments, and it was working in his laptop (IE and Chrome), however it was not working in mine. So, the next thing that i did was, lets import to a new organization, and in my laptop started to work.

So, after hours and because i deployed as well to a VM, into two different organizations, and it was working perfectly. 

After digging a little bit more, and because with this i taught that only could be something related to a configuration in the Organization, i discovered the reason. 🙂

In the one that it was not working, i have selected the below check box, after not selecting it started to work.

Hope to help more people with this.

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