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Configure Exchange folder-level tracking rules

If you need to configure a specific Microsoft Exchange folder to track the emails and run a workflow process configured in crm, it is possible trough few lines of code.

Let’s assume that you have configured a folder in the Microsoft Exchange to keep emails sent by a specific (individual contact or company).

The code needed for this is:

To create and manage folder-level tracking rules:

// Create a folder-level tracking rule  MailboxTrackingFolder newTrackingFolder = new MailboxTrackingFolder();  // Set the required attributes newTrackingFolder.ExchangeFolderId = "123456";  // Sample value. Retrieve this value using Exchange Web Services (EWS)  newTrackingFolder.MailboxId = new EntityReference(Mailbox.EntityLogicalName, _mailboxId);  // Set the optional attributes  newTrackingFolder.RegardingObjectId = new EntityReference(Account.EntityLogicalName, _accountId); newTrackingFolder.RegardingObjectId.Name = _accountName;  newTrackingFolder.ExchangeFolderName = "Sample Exchange Folder";  // Execute the request to create the rule   _folderTrackingId = _serviceProxy.Create(newTrackingFolder); Console.WriteLine("Created folder-level tracking rule for ‘{0}’.n", _mailboxName);

You can create a maximum of 25 folder-level tracking rules per mailbox.

To Retrieve folder-level tracking rules for a mailbox:

// Retrieve the folder mapping rules for a mailbox RetrieveMailboxTrackingFoldersRequest req = new RetrieveMailboxTrackingFoldersRequest { MailboxId = _mailboxId.ToString() }; RetrieveMailboxTrackingFoldersResponse resp = (RetrieveMailboxTrackingFoldersResponse_serviceProxy.Execute(req); Console.WriteLine("Retrieved folder-level tracking rules for {0}:", _mailboxName); int n = 1; foreach (var folderMapping in resp.MailboxTrackingFolderMappings) {  Console.WriteLine("tRule {0}: ‘{1}’ is mapped to ‘{2}’.", n, folderMapping.ExchangeFolderName, folderMapping.RegardingObjectName);  n++;  }

Code in here from CRM 2015 SDK.

Hope this can be helpful. 

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