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By: Pedro | August 21, 2019

For the last days working on testing new features of CRM 365 Online, CRM 2016/365 On Prem and few more things.

And again, i had another issue, this one is really annoying, but let me explain what happened.

I have an environment in CRM 2016 with service pack 1.1 ( and we need to upgrade to V9 (365 Onprem). 

So, what i did? Backup of the database, restore of the database in the new V9 environment and imported the organization, expecting that the process would run smoothly, WRONG, it didn't, and that i should already expect based on my experience.

The error i got was: "09:24:11|Verbose| Error occured in UpdateRollupFieldStoredProceduresInternal: Microsoft.Crm.Metadata.MetadataAttributeMetadataNotFoundException: 'Attribute' met...

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By: Pedro | August 17, 2019

Ok, again one more time Microsoft strikes again with the new release, in this case Unified Interface.

I just enabled the Unified Interface in one of the CRM Organizations I am working in (Sandbox) and saw a couple of strange things happening. Being System Administrator and not being able to create new records or even updating records i am the owner (entity account), already sorted, please see my previous post.

So, at the moment i am just uploading the new versions of my Plugins/Workflows with the latest nuget pakages from Microsoft. What was my surprise when just added a process to Run On Demand, and couldn't see the "Process - Run Process" on the form and grid.

What i did next, set to run on Create, created a record, and saw that wa...

By: Pedro | August 15, 2019

When changing the interface of Dynamics 365 to Unified Interface, if by any chance you don't see the New Button to create entities, or even if the entities are read-only even being System Administrator, only thing you need to do is:

- Go to Advanced Settings like in the image below:


- Then, go entity by entity and uncheck the following setting. 

The Unified Interface act as Mobile version apparently, even accessing from the browser in your desktop or laptop. Publish settings and should work.


Hope it helps.

By: Pedro | December 04, 2018

The following improvements are included in this release of the Web API, our OData v4 endpoint:

  • Custom actions that return EntityReferenceEntity, or EntityCollection types are available.

  • Changes to API behaviors are available using the latest v9.0 version of the service, legacy behaviors remain available in the v8.x version. You don’t have to change your code when you upgrade.

  • New messages: GrantAccessModifyAccess, and RetrieveSharedPrincipalsAndAccess messages are now available using the Web API.

  • We have made the amount of service metadata smaller by not including annotations by default. If you need the annotations, you can use parameters to have it included.

Hope it helps.
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By: Pedro | November 07, 2018

Everything working with no issues with the latest Nuget Packages for CRM trough a console application when connecting to CRM 365.

Now, we had to promote a service that is currently working and has been working already for long time to consume CRM 365 data to work with the new CRM ddls.

We added the dlls trough nuget packages, everything compiling but when this next line was called:

OrganizationServiceProxy serviceProvider = new OrganizationServiceProxy(config.OrganizationUri,
               config.HomeRealmUri, config.Credentials, config.DeviceCredentials);

We were having this next exception:

Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolved: 'https://crm.domain/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc?wsdl...

By: Pedro | July 13, 2018

Yesterday i was deploying to another environment a solution and the import was failing.

The error in the log file was while importing a Process:



The Microsoft Dynamics CRM record could not be created.

So, i went back to the solution from the other environment and i have checked what could be wrong, apparently nothing was wrong, it was a standard CRM Process with a call to a custom workflow activity, an if condition and 2 Stop Workflows statements (Success & Cancelled). I double checked, yes, i was exporting in the same solution file the Workflow dll, and it has been working since ever.

Next, i removed the custom workflow call, tried again and nothing. What usually i do when i need some extra information, Diagtool, so I enab...

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By: Pedro | January 25, 2018

The moment when something stops to work without any changes of any type.

As it happened with me, i know it happened with many developers/customers more.

And as i got really annoyed more people got different feelings as well.

I will explain now what is the issue, in the opportunity entity it seemed the best for the client to use a Business Process Flow to help with a standard process, that is always a good idea, so that was developed against the Opportunity entity.

Everything was going great with the process, and then because of an exception we had to implement something that would allow to Jump from any stage to any stage, so, assuming the Business Process Flow had branches as well, thing could get more complicated. The solution was easy enoug...

By: Pedro | September 14, 2017

I'm the kind o person that really likes to do Migration and Integration tasks into and from CRM.

Last time this happened to me i forgot to mention in here, and probably most of you already know, if no, just spend few minutes reading this.

I was importing some data into CRM 2016, the same applies to CRM 2015 and only for creating the Account entity records (few data fields filled) it was giving an average of 1.5 sec for each one. That's really an issue when you need to import thousands or millions of records, if you migrate or integrate only few hundred, you wouldn't loose time trying to understand why.

However, i'm really stubborn, so i had to figure out why.

What would you do at first? First you would question yourself, do i have any PrePlugin...

By: Pedro | August 04, 2017

This is a nice to have to guide users in terms of filling information based on stages, for instance:

The information needed to a contact to be a prospect, probably we only need First Name, Last Name and mobile phone. On the other hand, to become an opportunity, we will need some more details.

In this situation i would use this kind of approach, Business Process, because it will be really easy to see by opening the record in which phase of the process the contact is only by looking to the process bar.

However, using this feature of CRM can be sometimes a little bit disappointing because customizing what the fields do (hiding based on rules, setting required based on others is not possible), i mean, configuring only with the CRM default functio...

By: Pedro | January 03, 2017

A user was trying to download a note attachment when the message "Invalid Action" just appeared in the browser.

The first thing i did was using my old friend Diag Tool where i saw the exception "The key specified to compute a hash value is expired, only active keys are valid.", i have found as well that in the Event Viewer.

Doing some research i saw that restarting the MS CRM Asynchronous Processing Service or running the executable from the Tools folder inside CRM folder Microsoft.Crm.Tools.WRPCKeyRenewal.exe /R, i could solve the problem.

I did that, i restarted the server and in the end, the same problem. What do you do in this situations, just google it a little bit more, so, after 5 minutes someone had the same issue, ...